The energy of Za is the energy of the firelight of eternal pureness.
 Energy of life and creation, revealing and revelation, pumping and bubbling,
That moves with power and straight and melts every illusion and trickery
In the body-soul’s awareness of humanity.
Zao – the power of creation.
When elements meet in space an electric friction is created- ZZZ,
An effect that is created in the junction reveals itself in an expansion- AAA,
And the vibe of the action echoes circularly-OOO.
Zao is the sound of the movement of the revelation of the universe’s eternal pure soul- tapestry of creation that continues to reveal itself in each and every moment.
The word 'Zaopure' has been revealed as the power of eternity that symbolizes the essence of the pure eternal soul of the universe at this time, in this world.

Now is the time
for each and every one of us –
time of complete awakening of our souls,
remembrance of the knowledge of the open unity
 and retreating the essence to our lives
remembrance of our complete presence,
 united body-soul’s presence, that knows
 all form of existence on earth.
It's in Zaopure's intention to motivate a huge wave of wakening and remembrance of all humanity in its natural essence, to unite all worlds, nations, races, and sexes as one, to melt all screens of suffering, violence and victimization in this world, and break through to complete, whole, simple and pure life.        
Zaopure reveals its movement and intention through the Pureiens, which live and pass Zaopure to earth language.


מה שפשוט. על הפשוט. הכי פשוט.