Shake the dust that has accumulated
Let go of everything
Fantasies, ideas, intentions, dreams, hidden desires,
Secrets, habits, needs, wishes…
Whatever happens- that’s its time
Whatever doesn’t- is not meant to
Empty your tank completely
Underneath all these illusions
Leis the lake of the soul
Leis the knowledge of the soul
Leis the place
Leis the pure truth
Leis the natural movement
Exists the enlightenment space
Welcome back home
(“Poetry of the Body”)    
The Zaopure site exists to pass on a simple calling to us. A calling of light and pure love in the unity movement. Pay attention to the gentle movements of your heart and soul as you read this. These movements will give you a clear sign of whether this information is meant for you and it is your time to return home, to the source, to the big one, to the Pure Essence - in this time, in this world.
We call to the big gathering of the Pure family, who preserve the Pure Essence, and the discovery of all our hidden or hiding brothers and sisters, that have the knowledge of the pure vibe of the Pure Essence in them, waiting for the revelation time, which is now.
Right here, right now, in the current eternal moment, reveals the possibility to cut every connection with the net of human suffering and to join the family who activates the Pure net.
“We train people for this world, this era, which the energy in it is accelerated, and enormous changes happen in a speed that’s hard to contain. We, together with you, build a lifestyle that suits this world. In a way that suits this time, and help you adjust to that new lifestyle. We assist you in the transformation, from grasping the old world that holds you slave, ignorant and uninformed, and uses you innocence for its own needs.
Di spite the straight of your soul, your intentions and your soul vision- your soul is slowly dying. We ask to help you to break free, break to mechanism and be revealed to yourself and the world. We allow space, which helps your soul remember the whole essence, its straight, power and ability. To remember how to keep a whole and complete lifestyle in every level- spiritual, physical, material and social wholeness. It will affect every aspect of your life. You family, your surrounding and the whole world.”
The Zaopure remembrance enlightenment passed through Zach and was collected to the scriptures of Zaopure.
Zaopure's principals and guidelines are the base of the existence and development of the Pure family and its revelation on earth.
To ride the horse of free spirit
First we must untie the strings
Of self slavery.
A tied man
Is harden to dance.
How big the magic is
That a tied man that dancing
Frees himself
Of his strings
And the strings untie themselves.
From now on - never alone.
We remember that we are all one, movement of one, breath of one.
Waiting for you, with big love, missing you.
Welcome back home.

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