Pure House invites you to the unique space, which allow you
a special adventure and a complete experience –
physical, spiritual, energetic and social –

in integration of projects, which serve the whole vision.
pure House is a core of pure's movement to awakening,
 re remembering of the Pure Essence of the soul and unity.

The House is situated in Mizpe Geta, in Western Galilee (Israel),
overlooking the magnificent view of the mountains and the sea.

pure House established with love and pure intent -
to serve people in the movement of awakening and re remembering
in all the levels of bodysoul, with precise guidance, professional
supervision and maximum support in conditions of a greenhouse.
pure team accompany you in all stages of
discovery and revelation till the whole expression of bodysoul.

A new humanity - a new consciousness - a new frequency - a new world - new life.
pure house projects
The Greenhouse for revival, growth and awakening - the greenhouse is built on the foundations of 'Zaopure' and it is the first and unique in Israel. Greenhouse activity passes through the dynamics of the purification and awakening of bodysoul, spiritual and energetic transformation, health and deep rest from the 'noise' in all dimensions of our lives.
Awakening from addiction - a proven approach for awakening from addiction and exit from the cycle of suffering to a full life. Formula for success of the approach consists of more than 30 years of experience, who expressed in the original '90 days program'
Bodysoul Touch - unique touch therapies, which constitute the essence of long-standing experience in many types of touch and meet the major needs of bodysoul. All therapies include full care of our B.S.B.S. - Body. Soul. Breath. Spirit.
'360 transformations' complex - the complex is unique to Zaopure. This activity takes you through the seven stations, wake you up to your complete presence and help you to purify your Bodysoul, return the natural innocent spirit, re remember the power of the soul and release the need to grip the old mechanism.
pure House Uniqueness
Space - built and tailored to small groups, that make possible the intimate
natural development and maximum attention to each one.
B.S.B.S. - much varied activities aimed at authentic developing and nurturing of our B.S.B.S. - Body. Soul. Breath. Spirit. - for full acceptance and implementation.
Spirit-material development - workshops of dynamic growth, development and training awareness for complete Spirit-material activity in all aspects of life.
pure - lifestyle and activities in pure House are based on Zaopure - an ancient way, which adjusted to the spirit of a current time, through the Canaanite, Shamanic and Suffyies ways.
Contact us:    Tel.: 050-887-8584 | email: zaopure@gmail.com

Thank you

Pure House

כתובת:  מצפה גיתה 51 (ליד כליל שבגליל) | טלפון:  050-887-8584 | דוא"ל:  zaopure@gmail.com